I heard a sound! a soft voice@
almost a whisper# and in an instant$

I pulled myself up% wandering the hallways^in the dark and cold corridor & wait! there it goes again, my name*

spoken with such conviction! spoken with such clarity@
spoken without cynicism# spoken without judgement$

then i saw a light% an unadulterated brightness^ almost blinding me& and in a moment* I bowed my head! in utter disbelief@ realizing that moment# changed my life forever**

We’ve all had this moment in our lives, some chose to listen to it, some chose to ignore it, some were confused by it, some probably forgot about it. Well, this moment doesn’t have to be an accident, this moment doesn’t have to be a near death experience, it doesn’t even have to be the worst case scenario. Everything Should Come After Pressure Ends (ESCAPE)  is all about the little things. The Calling is in the eye of a new born baby, its in the eye of a lonely man, a homeless person, its in the wind in your hair.

My design looks like a maze, but when you look closely, it’s so much more than that. Take your time to listen for your CALLING. Have you had this experience before? A calling of some sort, a whisper? please feel free to comment…

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