D.U.I. of cellphones

ok, so i’m driving home today from work, and the most amazing thing happened, there was an accident but there was no traffic, there was no jaw dropping line up of staring drivers at the incident… was the accident not worth the trouble, was it not juicy enough, no casualties maybe…


Why can’t everyone mind their own business when they’re driving, looku, looku, like lukman…so first they slow down their cars so much it causes another traffic disaster,with everyone absorbing every bit of information of an accident. mind your own business so that everyone can get home on time and not sleep at the wheels from boredom and cause another accident…

the other thing that pisses me off really good, is the other issue of texting and driving and its consequences, as a driver, you have to drive for everyone else on the road, you trust yourself as a driver however there are crazies out there that you’ll need to be careful of, you have to anticipate a negative action by another driver and plan a solution ahead to prevent an accident. When i see these old people texting, its like…no words can express how i feel… sometimes i text while driving, howeverr as of today, i have stopped, i’ve seen too many accidents to be added as a statistic. Be safe out there and God bless you…


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