We’ll cross the bridge…

So yesterday was the craziest Sunday of my job life, after work, I came home and all I could do was to take a shower, eat and go to bed. I hate to say this, but some people are so unbalanced in their life that they make it their business to make others lives as miserable as ever, then they bring that attitude to the workplace. Sometimes when you start your day at work, you can tell whether you’ll have a great day or a day from hell. I always tell myself what I want from the day as it starts. “I’ll have a good day no matter what happens” that didn’t work yesterday. It was one problem after and over another, I look at my draft now and I have absolutely no idea how the bridge came into play. I guess when I do get to that bridge, I’ll cross it. Just a word of advice to everyone who has a job, be careful what you say over the phone because you never know when these people will record what you say and use it against you in a court of law…I got my share on sunday. So anyway, that day is over and I’m happy…

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